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Murrey Families at Akers’ Cabin, 1971

The 2016 Summer Camp season ended this weekend.  Thus, the 2016 staff is no more.  While some may return, that particular group will never be together again.  And that got us thinking about family…

Back in the days of Camp Murrey, families stayed at Boxwell.  There were some who came and stayed for a week; other stayed for much longer.  Indeed, some families–those of the staff–generally stayed all summer long.  While not a staff, they experienced the same end of camp phenomenon the staff does.  When camp ended, they may not see some of those people again.  As we all know, a lot could happen during the “non-Boxwell” months!

So, to commemorate the end of the 2016 camping season, we look back 45 years to 1971.  Here is a photo of the families who stayed at Camp Murrey that summer, all posing at Akers’ Cabin (today, Fehrmann Training Center).  Ward Akers is in the back, far left.  In the second row, far left are the daughters of Reservation Director Ed Human and Ranger Bobby Smith.   Smith himself is hiding in the back middle (bald man!). Clearly there are others here, but the idea here is simple: here is a different kind of family, marking their time together before the summer ends.

Murrey Familes, 1971

There are several recognizable faces here. Ward Akers (far left), Ranger Bobby Smith (bald man, middle back), Charlie Ray Smith (DE, tall man, back right), Nell Human (wife of Ed, far right, hidden, back row), Leann Human (in Nell’s arms), Lisa Human, Joanna Smith, Cindy Human (three girls, second row, far left).

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  1. The Boy Scouts have changed dramatically. Boxwell has changed dramatically. Our country has changed dramatically. And it is really something when you start getting old enough to see it with your own eyes.

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