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Football, Parades, Boy Scouts… and the Klan

Part of what makes research so interesting is that you are never quite sure what you will find.  You know what you are looking for and sometimes you find exactly what you want.  Sometimes though, you find something you had not expected and then have to sort that out.  History is fun like that.

This article from October 1927 is a little off the path.  It does touch on Scouting, but this event happened in Decherd, TN, a little town between Tullahoma and Chattanooga.  Woodmen of the World, a Mason-esque, organization was holding an event at a Nazarene church.  The Scouts were there showing off their skills and there were parades too.  That evening, the Klan showed up and had a meeting. Oh, and there was barbeque.  How is this for a weird combination of groups?

“Football, Parade, Klan Rites Included,” The Tennessean, October 8, 1927, pg. 2.


Article detailing a Woodsmen of the World event in the fall of 1927.

One thought on “From the News, November 2, 2016

  1. I was not around in 1927, but knowing what I know about the Church of the Nazarene in that day, I would speculate that they either loaned or leased out the campgrounds with too little information from the Woodmen (known to be a family co-op insurance group – not affiliated with Masonry), or the person responsible for loaning/leasing the facility was just totally inept. The woods are full of inept folks today — the same could have been true in 1927.
    I’d have a hard time believing that the Church of the Nazarene – far more conservative and straight-laced back then than now – allowed it to happen in 1927, but stranger things have happened in this world.
    Just as today’s Boys Scouts would distance themselves a million miles from the KKK, neither does the Church of the Nazarene endorse them.

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