From the News, December 14, 2016

Camp Fisher in Manchester, TN

Have you ever heard of Camp Fisher in Manchester, TN? No? We hadn’t either.  But apparently for a brief time in the early 1930s, the Nashville Council (now Middle Tennessee Council) ran a SECOND Summer Camp.  The camp obviously didn’t survive for very long, but it did exist.  And, according to the write up, the camp serviced about 150 Scouts a week.  Boxwell, located at Narrows of the Harpeth in 1931, was only serving about 80 Scouts a week.

So, what happened to it? Where did it go? Why did Boxwell survive and this one didn’t? Honestly, we don’t know the answers to those questions yet.  Once we find out, we’ll let you know!

“Boy Scout Camp Fisher Near Manchester, TN,” The Tennessean, pg. 40, July 12, 1931.

Camp Fisher

Photo of Scouts on the waterfront at Camp Fisher in Manchester, TN, 1931

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