From the Archives, January 15, 2017

The Grizzard Gateway, pre-Dedication

Here’s something you don’t see very often–the Grizzard Gateway without any signage.

The Gateway was dedicated on July 11, 1976 and thus, this photo takes place shortly before then.  How do we know?  Clearly, the gateway is complete, but there is no dedication plaque on the front side. The other thing to note about this photo is the tree line.  Today, the road into the reservation is completely covered by the canopy; here, the sky is quite clearly visible.

Today, the Gateway has had some renovations.  The cedar log has been replaced by a metal pole and the itself is now anchored in the woods behind the gateway.  At this time though, the whole thing is free-standing.


The Grizzard Gateway before any signage and before its dedication on July 11, 1976

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