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Chain Letters

It is hard to know sometimes what is front page worth and what is not. This particular article appeared on the front page on the Tennessean on Dec. 28, 1931, though in fairness, it was “below the fold”!  It must have been a slow news day!

For those of a certain age, chain letters were real thing.  Today, social media forwards are of a similar vein, but chain letters were always more ominous.  The letters arrived at your home and promised either great riches or dire circumstances if you did not forward the letter on and maintain “the chain.”  As the article demonstrates, chain letters went back quite a long way.  And Lord Baden-Powell did not care for them one bit!

“Boy Scout Organizer Against ‘Chain Letter’,” The Tennessean, Dec. 28 1931, pg. 1.

Chain letters

Lord Baden-Powell’s feelings on chain letters are expressed quite clearly here.

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