From the Archives, January 22, 2017

The Staff at Night

Anyone who has worked on Camp Staff knows that night time is the best part of the staff experience.  Work responsibilities are generally over and the time to hang out with friends has begun.  And, if there’s something to be gotten into, night time is probably when that will happen.

In this photo of Craig staff in 2006, we can see things several staffs can relate to.  There are poorly hung flies, ugly furniture, and living platforms only found in staff sites.  And, there’s the one guy with a guitar. It seems like there is always one guy with a guitar.

How this photo is different is its modernity.  Yes, there are electric lights here and a fan, which have been present at other points in Boxwell’s history.  But you also see, dead center, a television set and what appears to be either a DVD player or game console sitting on top.  Specifically, video games in the staff site are a modern occurrence!

night staff

A photo of the Craig staff at night, Sunday, July 9, 2006.

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