From the News, January 25, 2017

Curtis B. Haley

While there are many names we associate with the early days of Scouting in Middle Tennessee, such as Leslie G. Boxwell and “Coach” William Anderson, there is perhaps one name that we SHOULD know, but don’t: Curtis Haley.

While Boxwell and Anderson are important for the professional side of Scouting that develops in 1920, Haley is middle Tennessee’s very first Scoutmaster.  He applied for “a commission” in July 1910, days after reading about the new organization in the newspaper.  Never involved in the professional organization, Haley remained active in Scout leadership until 1935, when he finally “retired” from Scouting.

“He Started Scouting in Nashville” from “The Nashville Scouts’ Own Page” in The Tennessean Magazine, pg. 13, April 4, 1937.

Haley, 1937

The “founder” of Scouting in Nashville, Curtis Haley.

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