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A Boxwell Family, 1970

Did you know that Boxwell had a jeep?  Clearly not the most important detail you every heard, but it helps explain this photo.  For years, Boxwell screen materials from Fort Campbell and this jeep was part of those… “left overs.”

But it is who is in the Jeep that really matters.  We believe the driver is Audry Manis, but next to her is Elizabeth Jackson, wife of Parnell Program Director Jimmy Joe Jackson and Program Director of Camp Murrey.  In the back seat are Lisa, Cindy, Leann and Nell Human.  The first three are the daughters of Reservation Director Ed Human.

And why are they driving around?  There is one more player in the Jeep: Tim Manis, who had been stung by a wasp.  The group was driving around the reservation in the Jeep to stop Tim from crying.

This was part of the Boxwell family in the early 1970s.

Humans, Jeep, 1970

The Human Sisters in the Boxwell Jeep with Audry Manis and Elizabeth Jackson outside the Cripple Crab, summer 1970

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  1. My dad Bobby Smith who was the ranger, worked at Ft Campbell before he came to boxwell. I’m sure that is how the camp ended up with stuff from Ft Campbell.

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