From the News, February 8, 2017

A New Sparta Camp

We’ve explored before that Boxwell was not the only Council summer camp back in “the day.”  As we’ve continued to investigate, lo and behold, we’ve found other council summer camps!  In addition Camp Fisher and the Camp Burton, it appears there were more!

As this article explains, in 1946, the Council opened another camp near Sparta for the eastern counties of the Council.  Called Camp Arrowhead, the camp would be open for two weeks the first summer.  The article also alludes to a one week camp at a Franklin location, though this camp is not named…

“Boy Scouts Pick Sparta Camp Date,” The Tennessean, pg. 10, March 20, 1946.

Sparta Camp

Article on Camp Arrowhead, located in Sparta, TN.

From the Archives, February 5, 2017

From the Top of the Tower

A mainstay of the reservation now, there was a time in the mid-1990s when the Al Hendrickson COPE Tower was a brand new!  Getting photos from the top of the tower was a rare treat.

And here is such a photo.  There is nothing particularly special about this photo, other than it was taken from the top of the tower back in its early days as Scouts rappelled.  In these days before the pool and the High Adventure Center, you’ll note that the road in front of the Tower was still gravel.  How is that for excitement?!

COPE Tower

From the top of the COPE Tower

From The News, February 1, 2017

Nashville’s First Camporee

Have you ever sat up at night and wondered to yourself, “When was Nashville’s first camporee? Where was it held? Was it always called a ‘camporee’?”  Well, guess what? We can answer that for you!

Referenced as a “Camperee” in earlier stories, by the time of the actual event at Percy Warner Park, the standard name was in place.  And here you have it, the first Nashville Camporee was the weekend of August 29, 1942.

“City’s First Scout Camporee Being Held At Warner Park,” The Tennessean, pg. 2, August, 29, 1942.

First Camporee