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Tractor Race… maybe

It would be impossible to discuss work vehicles at Boxwell without talking about tractors.  In the early years, tractors were just for mowing.  Staff/Summer camp work was done the trucks.  About 1975, the trucks were replaced with tractors as the work horses of the reservation.

There have been a number of tractors available to the staff.  There was a big John Deere in the 1970s and through the 1980s.  There was also a Massey-Ferguson for much of this time.  After Tom Chaffin killed the Deere by running it into a tree in 1990, another Massey Ferguson was purchased.  Throughout the 1990s (and beyond), these two tractors carried the workload.  About 1997, an International (which had been reserved only for the rangers) was added to the mix.  In more recent years, a Ford has been added in and the Masseys retired.

IN the photo here, we can see the Massey Ferguson 150 and the International tractor, both being used by Stahlman staff.  The roll bars were added in the mid-1990s.  We’re not sure what exactly is happening here, but luggage run in the most likely activity.  Still, we’d like to believe this is the start of a high speed tractor race!


A potential tractor race between the Massey 150 and the International? We hope so!

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  1. During 1986, as part of the TOP GUN craze, the Stahlman Staff created TOP PLOW, the Boy Scout School of Advanced Tractor Driving. Web Webster was the ACE driver!

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