From the Archives, April 9, 2017

Capital Campaign Mailing, 1959

Last month we received a special treat. Thanks to former Stahlman and Craig Program Director Ian Romaine, we got a copy of what we are calling the “Stevens-Elam Collection.” In other words, this is a collection of images and documents from former Council President Jimmy Stevens and long-time Woodbadge guru Beany Elam.

The collection is varied, including newspaper clippings and letters. But it contains some real jewels we hope to showcase as well, including artwork from Beany Elam himself, as well as quite a bit of early Woodbadge material. There are also a handful of photos of different Boxwell and Council events that we haven’t run across anywhere else.

To kick things off, we wanted to share a mailing from the 1959 Capital Development Campaign. We’ve shown images of the early planning of Boxwell before. We even have an entire Special Exhibit dedicated to it. But this is new. This gives us an idea of how the pieces fit together and how “new Boxwell” was pitched and envisioned. You’ll note that this is yet another early vision of Boxwell would turn out… one that didn’t quite match the reality that we all know.

1959 capital campaign

A mailing from the Council presenting the vision for the Old Hickory Lake Boxwell.

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