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Woodbadge Staff, MT-1

If you’re going to go through a collection of materials from Harry “Beany” Elam, it seems appropriate that you present something on Woodbadge. After all, the Woodbadge area at Boxwell is named for Elam.

Elam attended Woodbadge 34 when it was Rock Island (Elam claims this was 1952, while Creighton’s _Boys Will Be Men_ says 1951). From there, Elam officially completed his “ticket” in January 1954 and was then certified to become a Woodbadge Course Director in May 1954. Thus, Elam became the first Scoutmaster for Middle Tennessee Council Woodbadge, MT-1, also held at Rock Island. MT-1 lasted one week, from July 31 to August 8.

Pictured here is the staff of MT-1, which included Elam as Scoutmaster (third from right), Ted Childress of Mississippi as ASM, Jim Cray of Clarksville as ASM, Ed Roberts of Nashville as SPL, Robert Davis of Clarksville as QM, and Wayne Yearwood as QM. There were only three patrols in MT-1: Bouncing Bobwhites, War Eagles, and Fabulous Furry Foxes. Among those participating in MT-1 included Hershel Tolbert (later to be Council Executive) and John Green of Troop 137 in Franklin, TN.


The very first Middle Tennessee Council Woodbadge Staff at Rock Island, 1954. The tall skinny man third from right is Harry “Beany” Elam.

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