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Staff Week, Camp Parnell, 1993

Believe it or not, Staff Week 2017 officially begins today. So, in recognition of the fact that we are now entering the Summer Camp season, we give you some history on… Staff Week.

Pictured here is the Parnell Waterfront in 1993. Aside from the obvious historic fact that this shows Parnell when it was a working camp, the photo also shows some significant changes The poles in Parnell Bay are Railroad rails and they would be painted over every year; something that is not generally done now.

More importantly though are the docks. Today, the docks never leave their anchored locations; they stay put year round. From the 1960s all the way up through the early 2000s, the docks were disconnected at the end of every summer and taken to Parnell Bay, where they chained for the winter. Then, in the summer time, Stahlman’s docks were disconnected from the Parnell/Craig docks and the process started all over again. Ah, Staff Week.

(As a shameless plug, don’t forget to check out of “A Complete Summer: Parnell 1993” Special Exhibition page.)

Staff week docks

Painting the rails in Parnell. It appears to be Mark Sala (l) and Eric Cole (r) doing the painting. Note the docks in the background; Stahlman has already retrieved theirs.

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