From the Archives, July 30, 2017

Tennessee Guard Helicopter

You know what we don’t see enough of when discussing camp? Helicopters. We don’t see enough helicopters at camp. We’re going to fix that.

As we reported last week, in 2014, the engineer company of the Tennessee Guard paved some of the roads at Boxwell. As with any good work, it had to be inspected. So, on the afternoon of July 16, a little before 2pm, TN Adjutant General Max Haston landed at Boxwell to inspect the work. About 3:30pm, he took off, which this photo is showing.

And now you can say that you’ve seen a helicopter at Boxwell.


The ride of Adjutant General Max Haston taking off

From the Archives, July 23, 2017

The National Guard

Boy scout summer camp is now over at Boxwell. In fact, even as Stahlman just closed, Craig closed a week ago. However, this week, Craig is host to some new guests: The National Guard.

This is not the first summer the Guard has moved into Craig. And when they move in, they move in. THe Guard treats the dining hall as barracks and take control of the Crab as their own Central Command. It is a full on experience.

Over the years, this has turned into a good symbiotic relationship. The Guard gets this time at Boxwell and Boxwell often gets some camp improvements. In 2014, the Guard repaved the road from the turn at Camp Light down into Camp Craig. Seen here is Guard machinery parked behind the High Adventure Center in Camp Light in 2014.

National Guard

Several National Guard trucks parked behind the Parrish High Adventure Center in Camp Light.

From the Archives, July 19, 2017

Camp Scenes

We’re debating whether or not to start a new series here. The working title is “Camp Scenes” and the idea is simply to show photos of Boxwell that have no people in them and, preferably, aren’t of buildings.  The goal? Something relaxing.  So, consider this a test.

This is a photo by Cameron Grady from 2006.  This is the original Craig Waterfront at dusk.

Craig Waterfront

The original Craig Waterfront at dusk, 2006.

From the Archives, July 16, 2017

Taking Down Camp

Camp Craig has now closed; Stahlman continues with an LDS week. At the end of this week, Stahlman will close and Boy Scout camping will be completely over for the 2017 season. It goes by quickly when you aren’t there.

There are lot of traditions surronding the final camp meeting, but most aren’t documented with photos. If you would, share something your staff did as a take-down tradition.

As for take-down itself, it too has changed over the years. But for the purposes of having a good photo, here is Camp Parnell in 1993. Specifically, here is the Waterfront staff site on Saturday afternoon. The cots and mattresses are at the dining hall; the canvas has been taken down. One more trip for the furniture and it is all over. Who knows? Some of that furniture may still be in use today…

Waterfront Takedown

Camp Parnell Waterfront Staff site after take-down, July 1993

Remembering the Staff, 2000s

It is the last week of camp and thus, the last decade of remembering the staff.  This week we go WAY back to… 2007.  And unlike some other years, we have A LOT of information for this year.  We have staff photos for Stahlman, Craig, CubWorld, and the Pool staff.  All Photos were taken by John Kasper.

In 2007, the Reservation Director was Carl Adkins.  At Stahlman, the Big Three were John Mitchell (Camp Director–the last year a professional did this job), Randy Coats (Program Director), and Steve Eubank (Camp Commissioner).  At Craig, the Big Three were Jeremy Belk (Camp Director), Jason Flannery (Program Director), and Rick Moore (Camp Commissioner).

Camp Stahlman Staff, 2007

Camp Stahlman Staff, 2007

Camp Craig Staff, 2007

Camp Craig Staff, 2007

CubWorld Staff, 2007

CubWorld Staff, 2007

Reservation Pool Staff, 2007

Reservation Pool Staff, 2007