Remembering the Staff, 1990s

We’re ready to take a look at the staff of 1997 now.  We don’t have a Stahlman staff photo and are not sure one was taken.  We do have a Parnell Staff photo and a Boat Harbor Staff photo as well.

1997 was the first year Ron Turpin served as Reservation Director. At Stahlman, the Program Director was Ron Ramsey.  His Camp Director was former Stahlman staff member Shane Gladden.  Alex Cox was Commissioner, rounding at the big three there.  At Parnell, Grady Eades was Program Director and Fred “Coach” Rigsby was his Camp Commissioner.  There was no Camp Director at Parnell that year.  Rick Ehler headed up the Boat Harbor.

Parnell 1997

Camp Parnell Staff, 1997.

Harbor 1997

Boat Harbor staff, 1997


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