From the Archives, July 9, 2017

The Crab Roof

The Cripple Crab, specifically the roof, has long been a magnet for practical jokes. Indeed, the powers that be even added barbed wire to the telephone poles just below the start of the roof to discourage people from depositing things on the roof.

What exactly has happened to the Crab over the years? All kinds of items have “magically appeared” on the Crab roof, though they most popular have probably been the bikes of the Cripple Crab staff. As the stories go, the bikes “wanna fly.” Speed limit signs have ended up there as well. And, at least once, the entire building was rolled with toilet paper.

Thus, this week’s photo fits nicely into this tradition of pranks. The photo is incredibly recent, from Friday, July 7, 2017. The object in question is one of the Craig waterfront inflatables, Saturn in this case.

Crab Roof

An inflatable on the Crab’s roof–the latest in a long line of pranks on the Crab roof.

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