From the Archives, July 16, 2017

Taking Down Camp

Camp Craig has now closed; Stahlman continues with an LDS week. At the end of this week, Stahlman will close and Boy Scout camping will be completely over for the 2017 season. It goes by quickly when you aren’t there.

There are lot of traditions surronding the final camp meeting, but most aren’t documented with photos. If you would, share something your staff did as a take-down tradition.

As for take-down itself, it too has changed over the years. But for the purposes of having a good photo, here is Camp Parnell in 1993. Specifically, here is the Waterfront staff site on Saturday afternoon. The cots and mattresses are at the dining hall; the canvas has been taken down. One more trip for the furniture and it is all over. Who knows? Some of that furniture may still be in use today…

Waterfront Takedown

Camp Parnell Waterfront Staff site after take-down, July 1993

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