News and Website Updates, August 2017

We have some site updates and Boxwell related news to pass on.

First, the news.  Reservation Director Carl Adkins has announced his retirement, effective December 31 of this year.  He will be a consultant for 2018 to help the transition for the new person, who has not yet been announced.  A new era is upon us!

Next, we’ve completed some site updates over the last few days.  Here are the changes:

2017 Staff Photos added.  Thanks to Meredith MaGuirk, Craig Carpenter, and Ed Mason for the photos.1996 Stahlman Staff Photo added.  Thanks to Alex Cox for submitting a “lost” photo!
Craig Updates:
Stahlman Updates:
Reservation Updates:

Staff Hats added for 2015-2017.  Thanks to Ed Mason for keeping tracking of these.
Staff Hat “Exhibit”:

There are more changes/updates coming this fall.

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