From the Archives, September 3, 2017

Alternative Hillsboro Road Location

As we’ve explored before, there are always “what could have been” scenarios at camp. The same holds true for the Council itself. For our purposes today, let’s look at the Council Office.

Part of the 1972 Capital Development Campaign that built Camp Craig was to build a new Council Office. The location at Hillsboro Road was initially owned by someone else. Their idea was to build a multi-level building (perhaps a 12 story building), give the Scouts two floors, and then rent out the other floors. This would be a win for both partners. This was an idea that Ward Akers explored and entertained.

In fact, here is evidence from February 1972 of the idea in practice: a rough building design with a parking garage attachment. This isn’t how things played out, but it is an interesting “What could have been”!

Hillsboro Road

What could have been the Jet Potter Center….

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