From the Archives, September 24, 2017

Sain Gateway Drawing

We like to explore the “might have beens” over here. Most of the time we look at early plans for how the reservation was supposed to turn out, but didn’t quite materialize. Today we’ll look at something on the reservation that didn’t quite materialize.

The Josh Sain High Adventure Area Gateway was added in 2005. Sain had been a staff member in the 1990s, but was killed in a car accident. An early attempt to memorialize him was a group of three trees planted at the Cripple Crab. Of the three, only one has survived.

Thus, a second attempt was made and this second attempt became the Josh Sain Memorial Gateway. Seen here is an early sketch of the gateway with items that represented Sain’s life and achievements. Obviously, the Gateway didn’t quite end up this way, but most of the central elements survived.

Sain gateway

Early design of Josh Sain Memorial Gateway

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