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The Origins of “Q-Ball” by Q-Ball Pearce

Well the funny thing… is where this name “Q-ball” come in. We had a fellow on the Waterfront who was a long tall guy. So we had a regional man come out there. They always did that. Come round visit the camp one time. And I can’t recall his name. Little fella. Anyway, the camp put on a skit you see, got everything a goin’. In Kia Kima, there right in the middle of the camp, they had rock houses in a big circle, all the way around. In the middle of that they had the campfire circle. They had rock seats all through there. So, this fellow come over there and the skits, everybody had something you know. And this old boy from the waterfront was up giving his speech, his talk you know. And I’s sit down. I had on long pants. I sits down on this rock seat and I didn’t know all that, they didn’t tell ya about it. I was sitting and something got to crawling up my leg. And I slapped it. It stung me. It was a wasp. There was a doggone wasp nest in that rock seat and it got on my pants. Well, I got outta there and I come outta my pants, and I don’t mean maybe! And it got this old boy hot. He thought I was clownin’ and makin’ fun ah him. And he gave me a good talkin’ to and ‘that cue ball, bald headed so and so’ come in and them boys picked it up and its stuck ever since. And that’s the way I got it.


The legendary Floyd “Q-ball” Pearce, 1970s

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