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The Boxwell News Field Report
July 2, 2001

MANY years ago now, before there was, there was a small newsletter I put out called “The Boxwell News.”  It served much the same purpose as these posts, but was an e-mail newsletter.  When summer 2001 rolled around, I tried to get “field reports” from people who were there that summer.  Aaron Patten participated and former staff member George Beaver did as well.  So too, did Bill Vest.  Vest, who was Craig’s Waterfront Director, had crowned himself “Camp Light Program Director” that summer and below is his report on his camp.  Remember, in 2001, Camp Light had COPE and the shotgun range and nothing else…

By Bill Vest, Camp Light Program Director

Week three was a great week for Camp Light. Sunday check-in went very smoothly, since most campers had reservations secured through quality travel agents. However there was some problem with O’Charley’s delivery of Sunday supper so they were promptly fired, and arrangements were made with Calhoun’s for the rest of the summer’s meals. I will be glad when Ruth’s Chris Steak House finishes construction of our new dining hall.

Sunday campfire was a great success. The Rolling Stones put on a terrific show and even let Will Pedigo, our Shooting Sports director, play drums on several tunes. He had to leave early to go ride in the Camp Light Limo to the airport to pick up this week’s guest rifle instructor, Charlton Heston, who has several interesting demonstrations planned for the week. I again want to apologize to everyone for the excess noise coming from the 12″ guns on the Rifle Range last week, but that is what Norman Swartzkopf wanted during his week of guest instruction.

We had a big uproar on Wednesday when the Secret Service swooped down on the camp preparing for a visit by the Bush girls. There was a lot of excitement from the staff about meeting these two fine Americans. Unfortunately, the girls tried to talk some of our boys into drinking with them and, since drinking is illegal on the reservation, our Camp Director Ben Houser promptly escorted them out of camp. (My apologies to W.).

Our Activity yard led by Danny Robinson finished construction of the rope bridge that they have been working on for the last two weeks. It spans the entire width of Old Hickory Lake and should be great for program.

Our Con Yard led by Bo Collier introduced several new animals to the Camp Light area including a heard of Giraffe, 4 pair of Hippos, a pride of lion, and several 20+ feet Boa Constrictors. Should make for an interesting Critter Crawl this week.

Our Waterfront continued to excel by being ranked as one of Travel magazines’ “Top Ten Beaches in the World.” John Paul Hancock was also promoted from Cabana boy to dock boy. Thank goodness we do not have any docks.

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