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Boat Harbor, 1997

If you didn’t know this already, the Boat Harbor has had an interesting life. It opened with the reservation in 1960 and was known as the Ski Dock. It closed as part of the 1976 changes and finally reopened in 1995 after the ’94 Capital Development Campaign. Thus, today’s Boat Harbor is its second life.

Pictured here is the “new” Harbor. While there have been renovations over the last several years, the Boat Harbor after the ’94 Campaign was still pretty simple. The docks weren’t as nice, no jet skis, and only a handful of sailboats. In many ways, the 1997 Boat Harbor was not that different from the Ski Dock closed 20 years earlier.

This photo captures some of that simplicity and an earlier design to the Harbor. As you can see pretty clearly, there’s even a rope and cedar pole “fence”; very camp-y.

Boat Harbor

The “new” Boat Harbor in 1997

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