From the Archives, December 10, 2017

Adkins in Review

As a recognition of Carl Adkins’ retirement yesterday, we thought it worthwhile to present something about Carl’s time at Boxwell. From 2004 to 2017, Adkins served as Reservation Director. This 13 year period makes him the second longest serving Reservation Director, behind Tom Willhite. Thus, there are a few things to review!

During this period, Winter Camp took off, having just been introduced in 2003. A STEM Program and “Music Department” were introduced at Parnell. There was also a list of capital developments: the pool, the Josh Sain Memorial Gateway, the Zipline, the Boat Harbor Maintenance Building, the new Waste Water Treatment Center, as well as new water lines into the Reservation. And this list is just the big things.

Adkins also oversaw two Staff Reunions: 2009 and 2014. He is pictured here at the 2009 event–the 50th Anniversary of Boxwell at Old Hickory Lake–doing exactly what you expect a Reservation Director to do: stand in the back, trusting his people to run the program.

2009 Program

Reservation Director Carl Adkins at the 2009 Reunion, standing in the back of Stahlman Dining Hall, listening to the program.

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