From the Archives, December 24, 2017

1999 Reunion Campfire

This is an admittedly bad photo. It is grainy and demonstrates the limits of technology in the late 1990s. Digital photography was in its infancy, so low light photos often looked this. Sorry.

That said, this photo is part of our recent nostalgic trip through Staff Reunions. For the last two weeks, we’ve looked at photos from the 2009 reunion. This week we jump back 10 years to the 1999 reunion. You can of course see all those photos on our Flickr account.

The photo here is of the 1999 Reunion Campfire at Camp Stahlman. You’ll note that the cross tie stage is still here. It would burn down in the not-too-distant future. On the stage is none other than Stahlman legend Web Webster. Web had served the meal earlier in the day and stuck around to MC the campfire.


Web Webster at 1999 Reunion campfire, Camp Stahlman Friday Night Campfire Area

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