From the Archives, January 7, 2018

Rock Island T-shirt

After a brief hiatus, we’re back! One of the areas of Boxwell history we haven’t dealt with too much, but we need to explore more are t-shirts. While staff hats have been a staple of the staff uniform continuously since 1976, t-shirts go back much further.

The shirt this week is the Rock Island staff t-shirt. As you can see, it is pretty simple. A white shirt with a blue and red logo in the middle. No staff hat accompanied this shirt, but all staff did have to wear this shirt (or one like it). This is a tradition that would carry on to the “new” Boxwell in 1960.

We’re going to be putting out the call for Boxwell t-shirts this year. So, start digging up your old shirts and photographing them. We’ll be trying to set up something similar to the Staff Hat Project (

Rock Island

A Staff T-shirt from a Rock Island Staff member, Bob Alley.

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