From the Archives, January 14, 2018

Ittabeena… Snowy Day

Before there was Fehrmann Training Center, there was Akers’ Cabin. And before there was Akers’ Cabin, there was Ittabeena. Whatever the name, anyone familiar with the Reservation knows the location.

We outlined some of the history of the Cabin back in July 2014 after the Reunion. It is worth noting that the original cabin was built mostly from scratch by the ranger staff in 1967, renovated somewhat with the 1972 Capital Development Campaign, and renovated to the Training Center with the 1994 Campaign. Home now to weddings, wedding receptions, staff meetings, Scoutmaster suppers, Council Committee Meetings, and yes, actual training, at this point in time, it was strictly off-limits to staff.  Period.  Things have clearly changed!

Thus, there’s nothing really special about these two photos. Simply a view of the newly completed Cabin at the end of 1967 in the snow.

Akers, 1967.

The newly completed Akers’ Cabin in 1967.

Akers 1967

The newly completed Akers’ Cabin, 1967. Part 2.

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