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Murrey Cabin Dedications

Seen here are two pages from the 1974 Dedication Ceremonies booklet. The booklet was the program the Council provided for all the new buildings to be dedicated as a result of the 1972 Capital Development Campaign. And there were quite a few buildings! Not only Camp Craig, but the cabins at Stahlman and Parnell, the Health Lodge, and the Trading Post/Handicraft buildings at Stahlman and Parnell. Quite a list.

Also included are the original six Cabins at Murrey. There are 8 cabins at Cubworld today, with the 2 large ones built after the ’72 Campaign. Of the remaining six small cabins, five were all funded by the 1972 campaign monies.

So, what’s the mystery? Look at these pages. Unless our count is wrong, these pages dedicated not six but FOURTEEN cabins. That’s right, 14! And so there’s no question about this, the Parnell, Stahlman, and Craig Program Director cabins are not on this list.

Five of these cabins were clearly built (see below). What happened to other nine cabins?

Cabin #3–Dr. Walter R. Courtenay Cabin
Cabin #4–Harvey and Marie Freeman Cabin
Cabin #5–Dr. J. T. Derryberry Cabin
Cabin #6–Dr. and Mrs. E. K. Bratton Cabin
Cabin #7–James H. Stilz, Jr. Cabin

1974 Dedications

Pages 4 and 5 out of the Dedication Ceremonies program from July 1974.

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