From the Archives, January 28, 2018

Dining Hall Pranks

Staff pranks are hardly new. They range from small to large in scale and, sometimes, if they are done in the right way, they can be pitched as program related. Sometimes.

Here, we see a small pick up truck has been driven through the double doors by the chimney at Parnell Dining Hall. The truck has been accompanied by a castle of both milk crates and bread crates. This wasn’t the first time something like this had happened.  However, as you can tell from the photo, the scope of the prank is impressive.

Before 1997, a set up like this would have been truly disruptive. However, as 1997 was the first summer of split shift feeding, only half the dining hall was ever filled, making this particular prank cumbersome, but not completely off the charts irresponsible.

Truck in dining hall

Field Sports Director Diane Gregory’s truck in Parnell dining hall.

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