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Camp Anecdotes: The Unsanitary Cat Project
as told by Pearl Schleicher

[This story is actually edited down from a taped conversation with Mrs. Schleicher from April 21, 1996. She was 87 at the time of the interview.]

Phil, Phil Roe, he was over at Stahlman [Kitchen Director ’65-’68] at that time. And I didn’t like a lot of things that Phil done. Number one was playing around with those boys and then he couldn’t boss ’em. They wouldn’t listen to him. Well, he had an old…I think that was a rabbit wasn’t it? He had this old thing he was doing studies on. And he took it in the Men’s room, you know where the men’s room is in the kitchen, and you know how that thing done. And he laid it in the floor, so the komode ran over, and I got the break…, it was breakfast meal was what it was. And he set up a table out there for the staff. And he put that old cat on the grey, I had a grey big platter there, he put that cat on that platter and set that on the staff table. And boy when I found out about it. Whew. But, Phil thought he was having himself a time and he was. He didn’t know it. And there those people, there was Tom Parker [Stahlman ConYard Director, ’60-’68], well the whole staff, come in there and set down and there was that blamed old cat that had been in that water out of the komode. Up there on that table. Boy I was fuming.

Well, can’t even think of the name. Bruce [Atkins, Reservation Director, ’66-’69]. Bruce come in there, walked up to me and said, honey, what’s the matter with you? He knew I was boiling. I said I’m going home. That;s whats the matter. And I was just about ready to fight. He said what in the world has happened and I told him. And he went over to Phil and said, Phil, I think you better get that off of there, she is really ready. But Russell, I had to fight for it. That was unsanitary. Plus it didn’t look right.

I can see the old cat now.

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