From the Archives, March 25, 2018

Rock Island’s Rock Island

It should go without saying that Rock Island’s name came from, well, a rock island. Said rock island is this week’s photo.

Of course, the rock island was more than just a namesake. The OA held ordeals and ceremonies here. You can also imagine how easy it would be for Scouts to canoe or row out to the location as well. It was clearly a centerpiece of the camp.

It was also part of a larger history. Legend has it that the Cherokee Trail of Tears cut right through the heart of the Rock Island camp and right over the the island itself (it didn’t, but that’s the legend), following the route of the Old Kentucky Road (which did). As a result, the first six sites at Rock Island Boxwell all had Cherokee related names.

rock Island

Rock Island’s rock island, 1950s

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