Remembering the Staff, 1980s

This week we look at the 1980s in our “Remembering the Staff” series. Believe it or not, the situation at camp had not changed the much in the ten years since our look last week.  Tom Willhite was still reservation director, now at year 13.  Ernie Ragsdale was still Program Director, though now at Stahlman.  At Camp Parnell, Jerry Barnett was Program Director. Craig and Parnell were on their rotation at this point, so Craig was closed.  John Hickman was running COPE and Christy Willhite Camp Murrey.

We have no Camp Stahlman staff photo, but we do have the Parnell Staff photo for 1988.  Despite the fact that the photo is labeled “Parnell 1990,” it is definitely the 1988 staff.

Parnell 1988

Camp Parnell Staff, 1988.

Boxwell Update, June 24, 2018

New Structures

As noted on Friday, there are several new structures at Boxwell for 2018. The new Reservation Director and the permanent ranger staff–Rob Ward and John Zumbro–have clearly been busy! Here’s a quick run-down of what’s new.

1) CubWorld has seen several changes. Site 9 was moved across the road and site 10 was added where Site 9 was. The BB Gun and Archery Ranges were moved from the far side of camp much closer to where the action is. The Ranges are part of a joint area now, right next to the new site 10.

2) The move of the ranges at CubWorld has been accompanied by a new pavilion/shelter. This shelter, shown here, is right between the ranges and the Pfeffer Aquatics Center. A second similar shelter is in the activity field between the dining hall and Pirates’ Cove. (See the map).

3) Both Stahlman and Craig have gotten additions as well. Both Archery Ranges are getting a new range shelter. Stahlman’s, shown here, is completed; Craig’s is still under construction.

4) Additionally, adjacent to each Archery range is a new tomahawk range. Yes, you read that correctly: tomahawk range.

5) Finally, the never-ending evolution of the shotgun range continues. At one point nothing more than a tarp and a mobile clay pidgeon launcher, the current range now has this brand new pavilion from which to shoot!

There are rumors a-plenty about some upcoming changes, but we’ll hold off on those right now. We want to have something to tell you later!

Archery Range

Entrances to the new Archery and BB Gun ranges at CubWorld.


One of two pavilions at CubWorld. This one is between the Archvery/BB Gun ranges and the Boating area.


The new Archery Range shelter at Camp Stahlman


Camp Craig’s tomahawk range


New Shotgun Range Pavilion

Website Updates, June 2018

Hello All,

We try to keep our material here up to date, which is sometimes hard when there has been as much activity at Boxwell lately as there has been… and even more coming in the future!  Nevertheless, we give you some quick updates to the website with more formal photos in this Sunday’s posting.

So, the updates:
1) The big updates are at CubWorld.  The map and all the accompanying pop up pages that go with it have been updated.  There have been several changes at CubWorld this summer and the new map reflects those changes.  There are photos for those new structures as well.

2) We’ve updated the banner image.  The original photo is below, taken Wednesday, June 20 by Grady Eades.

3) We are working on updating our staff lists.  We’ve added Jason Flannery as the new Reservation director and some of the leadership at Craig and Stahlman.  In the long-term queue is to build a director history for CubWorld.  We hope to have that before the end of the year.

More coming soon!


A Scout descends the Al Hendrickson Tower.

Remembering the Staff, 1970s

We’re up to the 1970s with our Remembering the Staff thread, specifically 1978.  This was Tom Willhite’s third year as Reservation Director.  Russell Parham was Program Director at Camp Stahlman and over at Camp Craig, the Program director was… wait for it… Ernie Ragsdale.  Parnell was closed this year and the signs that Murrey was a fading concept were starting to show.  There was no Boat Harbor, COPE, or CubWorld yet.

Here are the staff photos for Stahlman and Craig Staffs in 1978.

Stahlman 1978

Stahlman Staff, 1978

Craig, 1978

Camp Craig Staff, 1978

From the Archives June 17, 2018

Some Camp Stories I

A few months ago, I solicited former staff members for some information about their time on staff. Now that camp is up and running, it seems like a good time to publish a few of those!

From Rick Ehler, Stahlman, 1974, 1975, 1985; Boat Harbor, 1995-1998, 2009-2016
“When the boat harbor reopened in 1995 we lived in tents down at the harbor. We would adopt stray cats to stay with us to help with the raccoon problem. Every night one of the cats that have become extremely fond of me would jump on my bed and sleep next to me. One evening I felt the cat, jump on the bed around one or two o’clock in the morning. After shifting in my sleeping bag I realized that what had jumped on my bed was not a cat but a raccoon. I quickly grabbed my flashlight and a tennis shoe and scared the raccoon off.”

From Walter Person, Stahlman Waterfront, 1996 to Present
“June 1999 Jeremy McCraw was the water front Dir at Stahlman. Swim checks were taking place on a Friday morning for the staff. “Remo” came down in jeans and shirt. Jeremy said, “you can’t take the swim test in jeans.” Remo said OK and ripped his jeans and shirt off. Mccraw said not in your White tides. As Remo walked toward the water, Remo said, “OK as he ripped his undies off and proceeded to the water with his Birthday suit on as Jeremy SCREAMED NO YOU CANT TAKE A SWIM TEST TODAY AT ALL!!! BOY WERE WE LAUGHING!”