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Stahlman Activity Yard Entrance, 1960s

Staff Week for 2018 begins today. For those of us who have been staff members in the past, this week is both incredibly fun and an intense amount of hard work. In my interviews, a theme that often comes up is how surprised new staff members are by Staff Week. They’d never worked like that before!

Of course, that hard work from staff week bears fruit. Songs are learned, sites are prepared, tarps are hung, and program areas are prepared. By the end of the week, camp is ready to go; program is ready to begin.

And so, this week, a simple photo. Here is the entrance to Stahlman’s Activity Yard sometime in the 1960s. Unlike many other program areas, Stahlman’s AY has been in the same location since the opening of the Reservation in 1960. The smaller signs list merit badges and skills taught here. On the left, Pioneering, Camping, Cooking, and Signaling. On the right, Tenderfoot, Second Class, First Class, and Hiking. ANd yes, the “Activity Yard” clearly began life as the “Activities Yard.”

Stahlman AY

The entrance to the Stahlman Activities area, sometime in the 1960s.

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