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The Sunday Night Campfire

Week 1 of the 2018 Summer Camp season starts today. Thus, we felt like the best way to kick-off the summer would be to look at the Sunday Night Campfire.

The Sunday Night Campfire has been part of Boxwell since the Rock Island Boxwell. This has traditionally been a kick-off campfire. Scouts are introduced to the high-octane energy of camp as well as some of the procedures and history. In theory, the collection of songs and skits of Sunday night set a tone, exciting Scouts for the week ahead.

And there’s a REALLY big fire.

Seen here is a Stahlman Sunday night campfire, specifically from 2004. The image is just of the fire itself, but let’s be honest–an impressive fire on Sunday night sets the stage for a great week. At least, as staff, that’s what we like to think. 🙂

Share your favorite Sunday night campfire skits, songs, or cheers in the comments.

Sunday Night Campfire

Stahlman’s Sunday Night Campfire, 2004.

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