Website Updates, June 2018

Hello All,

We try to keep our material here up to date, which is sometimes hard when there has been as much activity at Boxwell lately as there has been… and even more coming in the future!  Nevertheless, we give you some quick updates to the website with more formal photos in this Sunday’s posting.

So, the updates:
1) The big updates are at CubWorld.  The map and all the accompanying pop up pages that go with it have been updated.  There have been several changes at CubWorld this summer and the new map reflects those changes.  There are photos for those new structures as well.

2) We’ve updated the banner image.  The original photo is below, taken Wednesday, June 20 by Grady Eades.

3) We are working on updating our staff lists.  We’ve added Jason Flannery as the new Reservation director and some of the leadership at Craig and Stahlman.  In the long-term queue is to build a director history for CubWorld.  We hope to have that before the end of the year.

More coming soon!


A Scout descends the Al Hendrickson Tower.

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