Boxwell Update, June 24, 2018

New Structures

As noted on Friday, there are several new structures at Boxwell for 2018. The new Reservation Director and the permanent ranger staff–Rob Ward and John Zumbro–have clearly been busy! Here’s a quick run-down of what’s new.

1) CubWorld has seen several changes. Site 9 was moved across the road and site 10 was added where Site 9 was. The BB Gun and Archery Ranges were moved from the far side of camp much closer to where the action is. The Ranges are part of a joint area now, right next to the new site 10.

2) The move of the ranges at CubWorld has been accompanied by a new pavilion/shelter. This shelter, shown here, is right between the ranges and the Pfeffer Aquatics Center. A second similar shelter is in the activity field between the dining hall and Pirates’ Cove. (See the map).

3) Both Stahlman and Craig have gotten additions as well. Both Archery Ranges are getting a new range shelter. Stahlman’s, shown here, is completed; Craig’s is still under construction.

4) Additionally, adjacent to each Archery range is a new tomahawk range. Yes, you read that correctly: tomahawk range.

5) Finally, the never-ending evolution of the shotgun range continues. At one point nothing more than a tarp and a mobile clay pidgeon launcher, the current range now has this brand new pavilion from which to shoot!

There are rumors a-plenty about some upcoming changes, but we’ll hold off on those right now. We want to have something to tell you later!

Archery Range

Entrances to the new Archery and BB Gun ranges at CubWorld.


One of two pavilions at CubWorld. This one is between the Archvery/BB Gun ranges and the Boating area.


The new Archery Range shelter at Camp Stahlman


Camp Craig’s tomahawk range


New Shotgun Range Pavilion

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