Remembering the Staff, 1980s

This week we look at the 1980s in our “Remembering the Staff” series. Believe it or not, the situation at camp had not changed the much in the ten years since our look last week.  Tom Willhite was still reservation director, now at year 13.  Ernie Ragsdale was still Program Director, though now at Stahlman.  At Camp Parnell, Jerry Barnett was Program Director. Craig and Parnell were on their rotation at this point, so Craig was closed.  John Hickman was running COPE and Christy Willhite Camp Murrey.

We have no Camp Stahlman staff photo, but we do have the Parnell Staff photo for 1988.  Despite the fact that the photo is labeled “Parnell 1990,” it is definitely the 1988 staff.

Parnell 1988

Camp Parnell Staff, 1988.

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