Boxwell Update, July 1, 2018

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No matter how much time you spend out at Boxwell, there is always something new to discover. Sometimes what you discover are things that are right in front of your face! Two items this week, though only one of these is legitmately new.

First, we discovered that on Thursdays, Stahlman and Craig offer a “Meal Deal.” The Trading Post staff borrows a grill from Fehrmann Training Center and cooks up cheeseburgers and bratwurst on the spot. For $6 you get a burger/brat, chips, and a cola. It’s a great deal and tasty! Going on now for over six years, some weeks a single camp will sell over a hundred burgers in a two hour period. But its only on Thursdays, so choose your day to visit carefully!

Second, if you’ve been out to camp this summer, you may have noticed some red picnic tables like the ones shown here. The tables came from the Charles B. Bass Correctional facility. Sold by the state to a private corrections corporation, the old material had to be removed. The Scouts got a shot at some of it and you’ll find 80 tables scattered around. That’s right–prison tables at camp!

Only two more weeks left in the 2018 camping season. And don’t forget–July 5th is Boxwell Day. Do you have you celebration planned yet?

Meal Deal

The Meal Deal at Stahlman’s Trading Post. $6 for a burger or brat, chips and a drink!

Red tables

Tables from the old Charles Bass Correctional facility.

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