Remembering the Staff, 1990s

We now look at the final years of the 20th century!  1998 was the last year of Camp Parnell as a Scout resident camp, though no one knew that the time. Ron Turpin was in his second year as Reservation Director.  Ron Ramsey was in his third year as Program Director at Stahlman and Michael Salazar completed his first at Parnell.  Murrey was gone and CubWorld was up and running at this point, though we have no record of the staff for that year.  Lance Ussery was running COPE and Rick Ehler was heading the Boat Harbor.

And, despite all this great detail, we have no staff photos for ANY of these groups for 1998.  In fact, the ONLY photo evidence we have from 1998 at all is a photo of the 1998 staff hat and so that’s what we provide for you today.

1998 staff hat

1998 Staff Hat, photo from Chris Hubbard.

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