From the Archives, July 8, 2018

Closing Camp

Camp Craig has now closed; Stahlman continues with one more week. At the end of this week, Stahlman will close and Boy Scout camping will be completely over for the 2018 season. It goes by quickly when you aren’t there.

There are lot of traditions surrounding the final camp meeting, but most aren’t documented with photos. If you would, share something your staff did as a take-down tradition.

As for the closing itself, it is not at all uncommon for Program Directors to give some to his directors. Ernie Ragsdale often carved something himself, something he had worked on all summer. For Parnell/Craig, during Jerry Barnett and Kerry Parker were Program directors in the 1980s and 1990s, if Dutch Mann were available that year, Dutch carved plaques for the directors at thier behest. Seen here is a Dutch plaque from around 1990 for Field Sports Director Pat Deugaw. Before he was “the Old Soldier,” Pat was known as “The Kool-Aid Man” because during staff week, he would drive around to the different work groups to give them a break with… you guessed it, a drink of Kool-Aid.

Director plaque

Field Sports Director Plaque for Pat Deugaw by Dutch Mann, ca. 1990

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