The Passing of Billy Walker

The VirtualBoxwell Team is sad to announce the passing of Billy Walker. While never a staff member, Billy had a long history in Scouting.  In addition to attending the Narrows of the Harpeth Boxwell as a young Scout, Billy was spent a large chunk of his adult life with Troop 137 in Franklin and serving the Council in various capacities.  In his life outside Scouting, he was the second generation owner of Walker Chevrolet in Franklin. For our purposes, he was the man responsible for creating Boxwell’s COPE, single-handedly financing the creation of the original project back in 1983. He passed away today, July 12, 2018.,-Sr.-William-Helm-Billy/obituary.php

Billy Walker

Billy Walker at a gathering of former Staff Members and friends in 2010.


The current Billy Walker COPE sign

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