From the Archives, July 29, 2018

The Entrance to Boxwell: More Kudzu

Here’s another post on the old hanging entrance sign. Just a little more on this and we’ll move on to something, we promise!

The sign here is after the 1972 Capital Development Campaign and the addition of Camp Craig. You can see the addition of a “Camp Edwin W. Craig” plank on the bottom of the sign. This is the way the entrance sign would look for approximately 20 years before it came down in the 1990s.

This photo also has one other point worthy of note. You can see that 1974–the year of the photo–was one of the years that an attempt was made to kill the kudzu on both sides of the road. If you’ve been out to camp recently, you’ve probably realized kudzu is an incredibly resilient plant!

HWY 109 sign

The hanging entrance sign after the addition of Camp Craig.

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