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Now and Then, Part I

Taking a look at the old hanging sign inspired us to run a specific series for August, something we’re going to call “Now and Then.” The whole idea behind this particular series is pretty simple. As Boxwell is always evolving, we wanted to show some of the changes side by side. So, we’ll pick something mundane and put two photos side by side: something from several decades ago and today, or at least close to today.

In the spirit of something mundane, we thought we start with signs. The cedar planks that are routed out with the names of various locations are undeniably part of the “Boxwell aesthetic.” They help define how the camp looks and feels. But even these signs have gone through changes over the years.

On the left is the first major directional sign you see upon entering the reservation: the sign at the Cripple Crab pointing out where the different camps are located. This is how the sign looked in 1970. With the arrival of Camp Craig in 1973, the “Boxwell Reservation” plank was replaced with “Camp Edwin W. Craig.” From there the sign remained mostly unchanged until the 1994 Capital Development Campaign and the addition of CubWorld and the demise of Murrey

Since then it has slowly transformed into the picture on the right. This photo was taken in 2002, but the sign is largely the same today, all the way down to the security camera hiding in the shadow in the upper right corner. Notice that in this photo you can see the Health Lodge in the background, which didn’t exist when the 1970 photo was taken. Also, if you look closely, the Parnell and Light planks still appear to be the originals.

Crab Sign

The sign at the Cripple Crab in 1970 and 2002.

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