From the Archives, August 12, 2018

Now and Then, Part II

This week’s “Now and Then” takes us to Stahlman’s Waterfront. A waterfront is not an area you would think would change dramatically over the years, but as you can see here, you would be… well, mostly right, but a little wrong.

The top photo is Stahlman Waterfront in 1970. Note the large tree with a white sign on it. The sign says “Stahlman Waterfront” and marks the entrance to teh area. There is a double log fence and from there you can clearly see the L-shaped docks. The docks have wooden decks on metal frames. Just behind the tree you can barely make out the wooden lifegaurd tower. And, of course, in the distance, Explorer Island.

The bottom photo is Stahlman Waterfront in 2015. Only a stump remains of the tree and the while the “tower” is in the same place, it is a permanent rock structure. The docks start in the same place, but are made of different material and take a different formation. The fence is different now too. Also note the disability access trail to the waterfront, which would not even have been dreamed of in 1970, but was installed in 1995. And, of course, let’s not forget Explorer Island in the background. That is quite literally what 45 years of growth looks like.


Top: The Stahlman Waterfront in 1970; Bottom: the Stahlman Waterfront in 2015.

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