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Boxwell Weddings: The McWilliams

We conclude our look at Boxwell weddings this week. Every one of the weddings we have reviewed have happened in the last twenty years. There were wedding before this time, though they were fewer and further between. This week we look at the first.

To our knowledge, the earliest wedding at Boxwell Reservation happened on May 21, 1971. The happy couple was Stahlman staff member David McWilliams and his bride to be Doris. Doris’ parents lived on Woods Ferry, so she fixed her hair and got dressed there. They then held the wedding at Don Stanford Chapel.

Unlike modern Boxwell weddings, there was no charge to David for the chapel. Very much like every wedding that ever was, not everything went quite right. David’s great aunt’s nephew was the photographer and he left the lens cap on for the reception and the beginning of the service. Fortunately, he did capture a few shots and we present you this week with the photos of the first known Boxwell Wedding: The McWilliams in 1971.

McWilliams wedding

The Wedding of Doris and David McWilliams at the Chapel, May 1971

McWilliams 1971

The wedding of Doris and David McWilliams, 1971

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