From the Archives, November 11, 2018

From the Archives, November 11, 2018
Remembering Tom Willhite

Tom Willhite was Reservation Director from 1976 to 1994. When he retired as Director of Supprot Services in 1994, there was, not surprisingly, a retirement party for him. A host of individuals attended and honored Tom’s service. After all, he had been part of the Middle Tennessee Council since 1964.

All retirement parties try to find unique ways of honoring the retiree. This party was no different. Attendees were encouraged to complete a “My Fondest Memory of Tom Willhite” sheet with whatever memory or story of Tom they liked best. While he might not have seemed like it, Tom was sentimental enough to keep these pages.

In September 2016, three years after his passing, Russ Parham and Kerry Parker visited Tom’s wife Marie and documented many of the artifacts left behind, including these sheets. Shown here is a page by former staff member and then District Executive Shane Gladden. Shane’s brief description encapsulates perfectly the image so many staff members have of Tom Willhite.

Fondest Tom

Shane Gladden’s “Fondest Memory” of Tom Willhite from Tom’s retirement party in 1994

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