From the Archives, November 25, 2018

Supervising Camp Craig

For those who aren’t aware, Camp Craig Dining Hall is undergoing some major renovations currently. We’ll showcase those as soon as the work is over. While this work is being supervised by Ron Turpin and Jason Flannery, the original construction of Craig Dining hall was overseen by someone else: Ed Human.

When Human became Reservation Director in 1970, he’d already been a professional in Middle Tennessee for a number of years, starting life as a District Executive for the Cherokee District in the early 1960s. Human had not been Reservation Director long before talk about a capital campaign began as Ward Akers worked to complete his dream at Boxwell. The 1972 Capital Campaign was a huge success, leading to the creation of Camp Craig. In 1973, construction began.

There is some debate over this photo of Human (right). The back of the photo is dated as 1970, but Lisa and Cindy Human–two of Ed’s three daughters–claim the photo was Ed at Camp Craig overseeing the construction. For our purposes, just know that the man on the right is Ed Human in a hard hat and this is the man who supervised the original construction of Camp Craig dining hall in 1973.

Ed Human hard hat

An unknown with Ed Human, possibly at Camp Craig, early 1970s

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