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The Boxwell Family

As we wrap up the year 2018 and continue to work on our centennial history for 2021, one of the questions we keep coming back to is this: what makes Boxwell so special?¬†¬†Obviously, the physical place is part of the specialness. Staff and Scouts alike each have memories of a location at camp that sticks out in their minds. There might be an activity as well. You remember a friend getting pulled up in a tree or maybe a song. If you’re a staff member, there are a dozen stories you remember, stories of crazy and awesome things that happened.

In all of our interviews, one theme often comes up–and it is especially strong amongst those who have been staff members. Boxwell is a place and it is the home of stories, but it is the place where incredible friendships are made. Friendships that last a lifetime; friendships that are so strong that for many a second family is formed there.

There really isn’t as good way to capture this “Boxwell as family” feeling, but it happens. We saw it here at Camp Murrey back in July 2016 and again in February 2017, but this week, we can also see it in the photo here. These men all worked on Camp Parnell staff in 1965. When camp ended, they all took a trip together to the High Adventure base in Ely, Minnesota, staying at lodges, camps, and bases set up by Foxy Johnson, and provided transportation by the Council. That group got together and went back to Ely after the 2014 Staff reunion.

This photo is from this summer, 2018, at Latimer Reservation. Friends for over half a century. That is a legacy to be proud of.

1965 Parnell Group

Top row L to R: John Roe, Mike Rice, Congressman Phil Roe, Bob Fyke, Judge John Bryant, Dr. Pat Bray
Bottom row L to R: Wes Frye, Greg Tucker, Skip Dow, Jerome Terrell

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