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Another segregated camp?

We have discussed the previous segregated camps, the one at Greenwood Park and the one on Couchville Pike. Both of these existed during the Narrows of the Harpeth Boxwell’s year. But of course, Rock Island Boxwell was a segregated camp as well.

Camp Burton at Couchville Pike appears to have remained open until about 1953. The 1954 article here says that segregated camp was trying out a new location, now in the Leiper’s Fork area. This is consistent with stories we have been told that the “black camp” was down the road from the first camp, Boxwell at Linton. The camp briefly explained here would fit with that description.

Still, the article also demonstrates a bit of the mystery that sometimes accompanies historical research. Later materials clearly indicate the Council had a Camp Burton, but this article never mentions Camp Burton. It does suggest this camp might be named Camp Cove Lake. The wording isn’t clear. Is this Burton, just moved to a new location?

Further, _Boys Will Be Men_ is quite clear in the “Creighton Shocks Scouting” chapter: Wilbur F. Creighton, Council President, closed the J. C. Napier Division (segregated) offices (pg. 130). As an FYI, Creighton was Council President from 1951 to 1953. This 1954 article equally clearly states that the J. C. Napier Division was alive and well and promoting a new Scout camp. Someone is not giving an accurate story.

And these are the problems with writing history. Sometimes the answers aren’t always clear or readily available…

“Napier Scout Division Set Camp Dates,” _The Nashville Banner_, June 15, 1954, pg. 5

_Nashville Banner_ article on the segregated Boy Scout camp

_Nashville Banner_ article on the segregated Boy Scout camp

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