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A Scoutmaster’s Supper, 1970

The mundane is only mundane until it isn’t, then it becomes interesting. We’ve discussed Scoutmaster Suppers before and this one is not that different from that mid-1960s supper. However, this 1970 supper gives us a chance to look at some, well, mundane things and how they have changed.

First, you’ll note that this supper is not at Akers Cabin or Ittabeena (today’s Fehrmann Training Center). The cabin was absolutely completed by 1970, but it was also essentially Ward Akers’ residence out of Nashville. Thus, it was not used for Scout functions like the Scoutmaster’s supper. Instead, by 1970, these suppers had moved from Crab down the hill from Stahlman dining hall, next to the cook’s cabins.

Second, you’ll notice the cook’s cabins. The cabins have this name because at this point, the cooks actually stayed there. Generally the only female staff on the reservation, the cabins were reserved for the cook staff and off-limits to everyone else. The Schleichers, the main cooks and heads of the kitchen for 30 years, took one cabin and the other cooks used the other cabin.

Third, the meal itself. We are used to the meal being steaks cooked over gas grills. This hasn’t always been the case. While you can’t see it in this photo, just to the side of Ed Human (far left), are two normal sized, Weber-style charcoal grills. Also, while we can’t tell from this photo, dinner wasn’t always steak; chicken was often the main course.

So, not particularly exciting, but a good opportunity to look at how a tradition that is still very much with us is not quite the same thing that it was…

Supper 1970

A Scoutmasters’ Supper, believed to be the conclusion to the 1970 National Camp Inspection.

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